Ripening Seeds: The Harvest of Approaches in Expressive Arts Therapy

Editor: Kate T. Donohue, Ph.D., REAT

Kate Donohue created this column twenty years ago for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) newsletter. Each edition highlights the international work of an individual expressive arts practitioner. They explore their own arts journey, guiding philosophy and present their actual work with a client. The column promotes an international exchange in which we learn and grow from each other.

Ripening Seeds:
Exploring the Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts – the arts of Ghana

In 2015, Kate invited her 2014 Ghana journey group to write an edition of Ripening Seeds. She wanted them to share this cross-cultural experience of “Exploring the Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts – the arts of Ghana”. The article is a soulful, playful and powerful portrait of what we all learned, the bonds created and the archetypal connections that emerged for this group.

Please read this life changing journey and join us for our next EXA cultural journey in 2016.

Exploring the Indigenous Arts of Ghana: The Roots of Expressive Arts (.pdf)

Ripening Seeds:
Mystery and Soul of India: Expressive Arts Cultural Journey

Exploring the roots of Jungian-oriented Expressive Arts Therapy in India

This edition of Ripening Seeds will focus on my second cultural journey exploring the roots of Jungian-oriented expressive arts therapy and will take a slightly different format, similar to the Expressive Cultural Journey to Ghana in 2014. Instead of having one voice, you will read many. These are the voices of the expressive arts therapists who traveled to India in October 2015 to experience the indigenous arts of Southern India. This will be our first contribution from India. You will hear from our trainers in their own voices and through our shared experiences. This edition is solely in English, which is the official language of India and how we communicated.

Mystery and Soul of India: Expressive Arts Cultural Journey (.pdf)